The Spill Magazine: Showroom 2004 NXNE Showcase

originally published at The Spill Magazine

Shackled with a dreaded closing slot, Toronto’s Showroom were still able to sparkle and chime like it wasn’t a minute past 11:43. Buoyed by a wicked knack for melodies and a strong bottom line, this band was tight as hell and frantic as flock. Leadman Ben Hutchinson searing vocals made every attempt to work through the 40+ years of UK rock and roll that saturates the band’s sound. Great songwriting, ace players… you really can’t help but like these guys. Even a cover of the Talking Heads’ “Psycho Killer” was sandpapered down to its pure pop core. The band’s happy-strum-chuck-flick composite proved a winning formula and left all attendees with a warm feeling down below. Nice.