Mike Vial: “Late, Gate” (aka “I Will”)

Recorded on an iPhone 4 with a Taylor 514ce
Music by Mike Vial
Lyrics written by Mike Vial & Natalie Burg

“Late, Gate (I Will)”

Before you left we said some things
That we didn’t mean
By the baggage claim, I placed the blame on you, you placed the blame on me

Then you were gone, and I was here alone

Now your trip is done, and you’re coming home with more than souvenirs
I’ve got the sound of your voice
Ringing in my ears

Saying, “If my plane is late,
Will you still be standing at the gate
Waiting there for me?”

I will

Because I missed you from an empty bed
I should have chased you, you came back instead

Some think love is just a lie for lust
But I learned distance is a trial of trust

If your plane is late,
I’ll still be standing at the gate,
Waiting there for you