Grayowl Point: Review – Warminster 7″

originally published at Grayowl Point

Despite the rather dramatic band name and 7″ title referencing an area in England, listeners shouldn’t expect something heavy. They should actually expect the opposite; Of Gentlemen & Cowards play some seriously fun pop-rock that is most definitely “summer music.”

Their first release, the Warminster 7″, features two songs that have an equal chance of resulting in grooving, swaying, and maybe even some singalongs.

The first track, “One of Those Days,” has a simple premise: the day where everything goes wrong, from stepping on something to sharp to accidentally brushing one’s hair with a toothbrush, slipping and falling on ice, and so much more. The accompanying music, with the intermittent harmonica alongside the staple guitar/bass/drums combo, prevents the song from being depressing and instead has a more “embrace life” kind of feel.

“Paper Planes” (no relation to the MIA song) is a song that is sure to get stuck in heads for a while. It starts with the Hamilton Children’s Choir, which it employs later, and also the wonderful indie-pop staple that is the xylophone. The guitar chords from lead singer Simon Edwards are just as warm as the previous song, this time accompanied by lyrics of slightly better times. The aforementioned Hamilton’s Children’s choir makes the last part of the song the real standout, for a nice burst of happiness.

The band is currently working on an album, but this 7″ release should keep finds tided over for the time being.

Top Track: “Paper Planes”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)