Quick Before It Melts: Introducing Toui Manikhouth

by Jim Di Gioia | originally published at Quick Before It Melts

I wish I had more to tell you about Toui Manikhouth than he’s a Hamilton, ON-based singer songwriter that’s released a three-song introductory EP called This Service well worth the time and effort to go and search out. His story is fairly typical: Manikhouth recorded the songs over a year in his own home, with a focus on keeping things “raw and minimal”, a goal he succeeds in.

But that’s where “typical” ends, and adjectives like “unique”, “intriguing” and “poignant”” begin. “This Service” and “Other Ones” are particularly haunting tracks, while gently strummed closer “Flowers In Zara” will make a wonderful edition to the soundtrack for Sex After Kids, a feature film that’s set for release on 7 February 2014. read more…