All Things Go: Introducing Toui Manikhouth / This Service EP

by Eric Atienza | originally published at All Things Go

Singer-songwriter Toui Manikhouth is an artist whose sound is as bare and sparse as his web-presence. Online he is a ghost with naught more than a Bandcamp and Soundcloud page for search results, and recorded his sound is a combination of low whispers and the soft picking of an acoustic guitar. In pitch and cadence his vocals strongly recall the heartweary opining of Elliott Smith, though there are moments on his This Service EP that sound far more hopeful than most of Smith’s catalog.

The three tracks — streaming below, and available on Bandcamp for any price you choose — were carved out in his home in Ontario, Canada and reflect different facets of one melancholy gem. The tired longing of the title track leads into the morose, plaintive crooning on “Other Ones,” and these two contrast with the serene, contented exhaustion of “Flowers for Zara.” With work this touching, here’s to hoping the artist doesn’t remain so anonymous for long. read more…