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Volume Units: March 2014

Hard to believe it’s been 10 years since Showroom released their shimmering jangle-pop joyride Still Escalator. We’re celebrating by re-releasing the band’s back catalog entirely for free, so we can party like it’s 2004 (back when we partied like it was 1982!)

Paul Federici has a secret (HINT: WEST COAST TOUR.) Full details TBA, but listen for Paul oo-ooo-oooooing his way across Canada soon… Until then, watch for his recent “Inside the Music” set at

Mike Vial and his wife, writer Natalie Burg, spoke at Western Michigan University last month as guest lecturers. Natalie talked about writing and self-publishing her book, Swedish Lessons, and Mike shared his experiences as a songwriter and musician. Mike recently launched the Polar Vortex Songwriting Game, a challenge to write a new song each week throughout 2014.

Speaking of songwriting, Of Gentlemen and Cowards have promised to write 50 billion songs for Keon who recently helped recover one of their guitars stolen on February 9.  Sadly, the band is still missing their white Strat and pedals. If you’re in the Southern Ontario area, please keep an eye out and help spread the word!

Pan-cultural adventurer Darryl Webster (aka OLD KID) found himself celebrating alongside 200+ Canadian ex-pats in an Irish pub in Hong Kong when Canada’s men’s hockey team won gold against Sweden in Sochi. (Go ahead and re-read that sentence if you need to. It’s okay, I’ll wait.) Darryl is currently travelling the world researching and writing Pride in Travel, a book celebrating Manchester City F.C. supporter’s clubs around the globe.

Finally, ttwwrrss‘ upcoming self-titled sophomore release is so good we can hardly contain ourselves – experimental, electronic, and very groovy. Watch for it in April, along with spontaneous dance parties and some new remixes by moon:and:6. Rumour has it Danny Gorman is also working on new songs…

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