Bucketlist Music Reviews: Toui Manikhouth – This Service

by Jacques Robear Asselin | originally published at Bucketlist Music Reviews

It’s time to cast aside all the high-octane, shit-ripping offerings and show you a softer side. A tenderness, if you will. The pensive reflection of a long day/week/month/year/life does not always mix well with music cranked to eleven. Enter Toui Manikouth. Melancholy? Yes. Sad? Well, yes; but it’s the good kind of sad.

Sad songs used to be fine to listen to, until the outbreak of emo (and along with it, emo bashing). Songs like these are sometimes swept up into the ambiguous zone. Rest assured, this is not emo.

The guitar is bright and warm, played with accuracy as well as a soft touch. Soothing with layers of woodwinds and multiple guitars, This Service is ideal for relaxing. The mellow instrumentation puts you at ease, even if it’s not for long.

Clocking in at under five-hundred seconds, you might have to give this E.P. several dozen listens just to pick up all the subtleties. read more…