We need music more than guns; without art, we’d fall apart.

Being in a wonderful place, personally, yet surprised by tragedy in the news makes me feel unsettled, confused; guilty.

Another gun shooting at a school yesterday…

While hanging out with friends last night, one of our friends said, “Wait, don’t you mean the shooting a few days ago?”

It took a few minutes to clarify which damn school shooting we were discussing.

Here’s a map of every shooting to happen since Sandy Hook. Here’s the President being asked to respond about the gun violence, from a person who knew a recent victim. Here’s a poem about gun violence. Here’s today’s trending topics on Facebook, none about yesterday’s shooting.

Here’s a heartbreaking song with a soothing cello.

Music, art, literature—if we didn’t have these things, we’d fall apart at the seams. The bellows would burst. The world would cave in.

Isn’t it time we do something?

—Originally posted at mikevial.com.

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