Hamilton Magazine: In Praise of TTWWRRSS

by Marc Skulnick | originally published at Hamilton Magazine

ttwwrrss (2014) cover artTo be honest, I’ve given up trying to keep up with the de rigueur descriptions for electronic music nowadays. Regardless of your preferred catch phrase, there’s no denying that Hamilton is becoming something of an EDM hotbed, and one of the scene’s rising stars is undoubtedly TTWWRRSS (it’s pronounced “Towers,” by the way). On his latest, self-titled release, the Hamilton-based multi-instrumentalist drops what can only be described as a sonic tour de force that runs the gamut from synth-soaked club bangers (“Get It On”) to the sketched-out electro funk of “Jungle” to the creeping 808-induced earworm that is “Taste.” One of the year’s best, no matter what you call it.