Darryl Webster, aka OLD KID

New Release: “This Echo” by OLD KID

Canadian author and former Sunriser frontman Darryl Webster (aka OLD KID) releases This Echo on April 28, 2015.


  • Friday, May 1, 2015: Hamilton, Ontario – Artword Artbar (acoustic release show)

A marked departure from the sparse acoustic tone of his last release (OLD KID, 2010), This Echo resurrects the singer/songwriter’s indie rock roots. Electronic undercurrents run beneath hypnotic, lilting guitars in “Yorkshire Lady.”

The restless, expectant energy of “OK, Okay” dissolves into a wash of resonating electric guitars and synths.

“‘OK, Okay’ is more than just okay — it’s deep, soulful and moody, and the confident tune is complimented excellently with the pounding drumbeat. If you like Manchester music, then you’ll be able to hear all the influences from the likes of Oasis or Buzzcocks or Happy Mondays.” —David Mooney, 104.9 Imagine FM (Manchester, UK)

Darryl’s trademark laid-back phrasing and soulful, restrained vocals deliver lyrics that betray the singer’s ruminating self-awareness:

“After all my drunken skin I’ve scarred / To imagine there might still be someone / After all the stupid things I’ve done” —Track 2, “The LA Times”

Pride in Travel by Darryl WebsterThe release of This Echo follows Darryl’s recent 70,000-km trip around the globe, and the book he wrote to chronicle his journey. Released by Pitch Publishing in November 2014, Pride in Travel: A Title-Winning Season Exploring the World of Manchester City is a captivating exploration of local culture and sport, set against the author’s journey towards self-discovery.

This Echo is a musical snapshot of one Canadian musician’s evolution from indie rocker to incisive storyteller.