A Summer of Towers

Dear ttwwrrss fans: Thank you, from Maisonneuve Music

Dear ttwwrrss fans,

Way back in January, we released an album by ttwwrrss called ttwwrrss_2.

We love Sean (aka ttwwrrss), and we love his music. And though we recognized his music had limited commercial potential, we loved it strongly enough to release it anyway. (Because one of the perks of running an indie label is being able to release the music we love, JUST BECAUSE.)

And then something amazing happened. Lots of people — more than we expected — loved it too.

(When I say “more than we expected,” that’s 100% because of the limited reach we have as an indie label that’s still in its relative infancy.)

First this happened:

CFMU top 30 chart

Then eventually this:

ttwwrrss on earshot's electronic album chart

And reviews with words like “just awesome” and “it does not get any better than this” and “most interesting and engaging electronic album of 2015” starting popping up.

Here’s the truth about running an indie label: It’s really hard to compete with big budget record companies when it comes to getting the word out about new artists. When indie music fans talk honestly and passionately about the music they love, it helps that music reach new ears. And that helps keep indie music alive.

So, to anyone who’s ever talked about or shared or plugged a ttwwrrss song, on behalf of Maisonneuve Music, thank you.


The next ttwwrrss album is called a summer of towers. It has 12 brand new songs. The songs will be available by subscription only, for free.

We’ll be releasing one song per week for the whole summer, starting on Monday June 22.

If you want to get them, sign up here: ttwwrrss.com/summer

We hope you love these songs as much as we do. Enjoy the summer!