Indie Underground: JAMES WYATT CROSBY – “O.T.O.T.W.” (Jangle Pop / Lo-fi)

by Aaron McMillan | originally published at Indie Underground

Originally from Cambridge, ON, but now residing in Toronto, ON comes James Wyatt Crosby. “O.T.O.T.W.” is Crosby’s first single released under his real name, James Wyatt Crosby.

Crosby writes “I had an early version of this song that sounded too much like James Taylor – super slow and acoustic – so I added drums and sped it up. I used a mix of real recorded drums and electronic drum samples because I felt the real drums gave it some feel and character, and the electronic drums helped make the drums clearer and punchier,” he explains. “There’s also an autoharp in the recording which has a really sweet strummy sound and glues the whole song together,” he adds.

“I wanted to make a song that explains the feeling of being in a really good place while knowing that it’s fleeting and things will ultimately change,” explains Crosby. “I was listening to The Smiths and Talking Heads a lot when I was writing and recording it. I feel those bands do a good job of making songs that are simultaneously happy and sad, and that’s kind of what I was going for.”

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