Raz Mataz Magazine: ttwwrrss creates an electronic world with ttwwrrss_2

by Stephanie Hughes | originally published at Raz Mataz Magazine

ttwwrrss is an alternative dark synth-pop band from Hamilton with five albums under their belt, their latest released in January, called ttwwrrss_2. Their sound is described as electronic folk music with future beats, adding in instrumental pop and rock.

It’s pretty psychedelic, using more modern sounds to achieve the feeling rather than the kind of zany synths you would hear in the ‘60s. And speaking of the synths, this music is very heavy with synthesized tunes. ttwwrrss_2 carries on a kind of Skinny Puppy vibe, if they didn’t have any vocals in their music.

ttwwrrssWhat I notice and am impressed by while listening to this is the kind of variety that this band comes with. The album starts off ragged with ‘The Crash’ and immediately dips down to smoother, more liquid sounds with ‘Sabre’. The style will even unexpectedly change on a single track.

This music is great to listen to while getting things done, I find. It instills a sort of techno atmosphere which is nice to have on in the background. With this band, you get a wide variety of electronic sounds that are both exciting and mellow as the listener goes on through the tracks.

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