I Heart Hamilton: PLAYLIST – JULY 2015

by Kristin Archer | originally published at I Heart Hamilton

ttwwrrss – “Strut” [Listen]

When local electronic artist Sean Thompson (aka ttwwrrss) started rolling out a new project called “A Summer of Towers,” it was an easy choice to include for July’s Playlist. Label Maisonneuve Music revealed that the artist would be releasing a brand new song each week for 12 weeks. Simply sign up to get the download right to your inbox every Monday for free (it began on June 22 – still time to get in on this!). ttwwrrss is a prolific artist, constantly creating, so it’s not surprising that he has this much material ready for our ears. He says of this banger: “Strut started out as a disco song. I’m trying hard to write synth hooks and build songs with chord progressions and structure. […] The bass/synth sound is heavily influenced by Justice. The vocal is sampled from a 1943 public domain recording of a speech by J. William Fulbright.”