A Summer of Towers

Hamilton Magazine: Editor’s Picks – Summer of Ttwwrrss

by Mark Skulnick | originally published at Hamilton Magazine

A Summer of Towers // ttwwrrssI’m a huge fan of electronic music and it seems that Hamilton has become something of a fertile stomping ground for all manner of genre-blending EDM artists. One of my favourite is ttwwrrss (pronounced “Towers”) and over the past year or so, the 20-something electronic/hip hop artist has dropped two critically acclaimed albums that have become club classics in their own right. Imagine my delight, then, when his record label announced its “Summer of Towers//ttwwrrss” campaign, which gives music fans a free ttwwrrss song — emailed to your inbox — every Monday for 12 weeks. The campaign started on June 22, but there’s still time to join. Hit ’em up at ttwwrrss.com/summer