#NewMusicMonday: “ttwwrrss_3” by ttwwrrss

Happy #NewMusicMonday! Today we’re very proud to release ttwwrrss_3, the long-awaited new album by Canadian electronic/hip hop artist ttwwrrss.

ttwwrrss_3 album cover by Stephen John Crosby

With the release of his third self-titled album, Sean Thompson aka ttwwrrss (pronounced “towers”) continues to develop his own brand of experimental/industrial hip-hop through tracks like “System Overload,” “YHM,” “Had2Buy,” and “What Is This Exactly?” The album features the Hamilton, Ontario-based producer’s familiar plays on timing and reverb, while simultaneously incorporating complex chord progressions, theatrical orchestration, and a crisp drum sound.

Simultaneously ominous and hypnotic, this new album is out of this world — but it doesn’t require a spaceship to get there. Trust ttwwrrss to change your perception of experimental beats. You’ll be hooked at first kick.

Available now on iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify and other fine digital retailers.