Raz Mataz Magazine: Ride High with Toui Manikhouth’s “Low Tide”

by Stephanie Hughes | originally published at Raz Mataz Magazine

“Low Tide” comes as the latest track to Hamilton-based solo artist Toui Manikhouth. With the This Service EP under his belt and an aversion to publicity, Manikhouth shows a slowly climbing career rich with folk, acoustic and indie rock. You know, all that good stuff. Released last June, “Low Tide” comes as a single track while Manikhouth’s momentum swings high.

TouiManikhouthIf Manikhouth sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve heard of the hard metal and punk band he’s party to: Hey Clown. The tune rests on a hazy and relaxed ride in a complete acoustic style. The whole smooth sounding venture is completed with Manikhouth’s soothing voice. Interestingly enough, “Low Tide” comes in a stark contrast to Hey Clown’s “screamo” sound. read more…