#NewMusicMonday: “This Service / The Fire and Disguise” by Toui Manikhouth

It’s another #NewMusicMonday! Today we’re very proud to release This Service / The Fire and Disguise, a double EP by Hamilton-based singer-songwriter Toui Manikhouth.

Toui Manikhouth - This Service / The Fire and Disguise (cover art)

Toui Manikhouth set out to create music wildly different from his past projects with This Service / The Fire and Disguise. The album is a quiet revelation, a collection of sweet, thoughtfully composed acoustic songs that thread together seamlessly.

This style of music speaks to Manikhouth’s overall versatility as an artist. It’s a drastic departure from his other musical endeavour, the Dunnville/Hamilton-based metal band Hey Clown. This Service / The Fire and Disguise showcases a less traditional singer-songwriter who puts tracks together with a great sense of melody, engaging yet calming instrumentation, and an elegant cohesiveness that makes the entire album ideal to take in time and time again.

Available now on iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify and other fine digital retailers.