Indie Accent: “Wild Dog” by James Wyatt Crosby

originally published at Indie Accent

I think it isn’t hard to find dream pop music to satisfy our taste when this type of music is booming on the indie music scene lately. James Wyatt Crosby (@jameswyattcrosby) is one that enliven with his single “Wild Dog”.

In “Wild Dog”, this Toronto guy tells about his life experiences represented by the animal in the title song. His life experience was retold with easystyle of dream pop music with a touch of lo-fi that resulting a smile.

A little bit out of topic from this song, his previous single titled “O.T.O.T.W.” also worth to try. There is a bit of a complexity in the song that will make you hooked. At last, hopefully the songs of Crosby became your good friends on this weekend! -HA