Welcome to Space (Mercury Seven)

New Release: “Welcome to Space” by moon:and:6

Today we’re very proud to release the first video and single from moon:and:6‘s upcoming new album, A Brief History of American Space Travel — a meticulously told story of the American Space program from 1958 to 2011. At 29 minutes in length, it’s a conceptual mini album that reveals new details with each listen. The music is infused with French downtempo, 1990’s post-rock and the experimental nature of mad men like Brian Eno and Steve Reich.

“Welcome To Space” plays with the eagerness before an anticipated journey. An ambient texture and a disorienting rumble give way to a solid groove that lifts the song into an exciting, ever-changing new atmosphere. The voice sample, taken from NASA’s audio archives, introduces the seven astronauts that were selected for the very first American attempts of launching human beings into space.

“Welcome to Space” is available now on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and more. You can also pre-order A Brief History of American Space Travel on Bandcamp and iTunes.