#NoBanNoWall: We are donating 100% of our Bandcamp sales to the ACLU today

Dear Internet friends,

Bandcamp recently announced their decision to stand in support of immigrants and basic human values by donating 100% of their share of proceeds from today’s sales (Friday, February 3) to the American Civil Liberties Union.

We support this decision wholeheartedly. Therefore Maisonneuve Music, along with hundreds of other indie labels and artists around the world, will also be donating our label + artist share of proceeds from today’s Bandcamp sales.

Please visit our Bandcamp music page to see all our available releases. 100% of the proceeds from today’s sales of any of these releases (including pre-orders) will go to the ACLU.

My sincere thanks to the artists on Maisonneuve Music’s roster, every single one of whom readily and unanimously agreed to donate their share of proceeds today. It’s an honour and a privilege for me to be working with these outstanding artists:

  • Emilio Bonito
  • James Wyatt Crosby
  • Lainee
  • moon:and:6
  • Of Gentlemen & Cowards
  • Toui Manikhouth
  • ttwwrrss

Thank you very much for supporting indie music. #NoBanNoWall



Kathleen Farley, Maisonneuve Music