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New Release: “Apollo-Soyuz” by moon:and:6

We’re back again with a new single and video by Hamilton, Ontario-based multi-instrumentalist and music producer moon:and:6 (aka Michael Chambers).

The Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, conducted in July 1975, was the first joint U.S.-Soviet space flight. The event symbolized the slow and gradual easing of political tensions between the two superpowers.

The song “Apollo-Soyuz” in turn chronicles a careful collaboration between two opposing forces. Similarly, the music video uses the classical elements of earth, air, water, and fire to represent the theme of opposing forces coming together.

“Apollo-Soyuz” is the second single from moon:and:6’s upcoming album A Brief History of American Space Travel — a meticulously told story of the American Space program from 1958 to 2011.

“Apollo-Soyuz” is available now on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and more. You can also pre-order A Brief History of American Space Travel on Bandcamp and iTunes.