Emilio Bonito - Augusto

New Release: “Augusto” by Emilio Bonito

We’re back this month with a haunting new single by Hamilton, Ontario-based fingerstyle guitarist Emilio Bonito:

Stylistically influenced by Bonito’s visits to the desert of the Médanos de Coro National Park in Venezuela, the song was inspired by the transitional state between wakefulness and sleep, and the vivid illusions that sometimes accompany it.

“Many times, as I awoke, I had visions of a terrifying black creature sitting on my chest. ‘Augusto’ is the name I gave the creature. In the song, I tried to represent the transition between dreaming and wakefulness—the passage from terror to relief.” —Emilio Bonito

“Augusto” is available now on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp and more.