Indie Underground: Uncover An Entire Universe Within A MOON:AND:6 Melody

by Kailey Harvey | originally published at Indie Underground

The City of Hamilton, Ontario has graced us with an innovative, thought provoking, storytelling musician. moon:and:6, otherwise known as Michael Chambers, is a multi-instrumentalist and producer who has been completely intrigued with space travel since he was a kid.

moon:and:6 just released the second single off of his debut album ‘A Brief History of American Space Travel’. The first single ‘Welcome to Space’ introduces Chambers’ meticulous attention to detail perfectly, opening up with an experimental electronic mix (listen lower in the article).  ‘Apollo-Soyuz’, the second single, brings forth a sort of “calm before the storm” feeling with montages of monologues that overlay a dream-like piano melody; making you feel like you’re on the other end of a NASA radio call. read more…