Throwback Release: “Psycho Killer” by Showroom

If you were within just the right radius of Toronto’s indie music scene circa 2004, and you happened to stumble upon a band plying rollicking forkfuls of indie guitar flippity flop and impressive Morrissey-straying-towards-Siouxie Sioux vox… chances are you were listening to Showroom.

After a 10+ year hiatus, Toronto indie rock band Showroom return with their signature version of the Talking Heads’ seminal hit “Psycho Killer”:

“Any band that can get the groove and feel of the Talking Heads’ Psycho Killer down cold is doing something right.” —Brent Raynor, NOW Magazine

This previously unreleased recording was discovered on a set of dusty wax cylinders languishing in a cave in the disputed region of Abkhazia on the eastern coast of the Black Sea. The multitrack recording was lovingly restored by a crack team of forensic audio engineers under the able leadership of Showroom’s former producer Michael Chambers (now moon:and:6).

We thank the members of Showroom for letting us release this fun throwback track that will make you want to dance, smile, reflect, run, walk, roll over, heel, and eat dinner. Thanks also to photographer extraordinaire Joseph Fuda for providing the excellent cover photo.

“Psycho Killer” by Showroom is available now on:

PS Though Showroom is no longer an active band, their music lives on. Proceeds from the sale of all their records now go to the UN World Food Program, a humanitarian organization fighting hunger worldwide.