Almost Made It

New Release: “Almost Made It” by ttwwrrss, moon:and:6, Kojo “Easy” Damptey

“Almost Made It” is the result of a collaboration between three Hamilton, Ontario-based artists:

  • ttwwrrss is an experimental electronic/hip hop producer whose last two albums (ttwwrrss_2 and ttwwrrss_3) charted nationally on Canadian campus and community radio.
  • moon:and:6 is a multi-instrumentalist and music producer who recently released his own debut solo album, A Brief History of American Space Travel.
  • Kojo “Easy” Damptey is an award-winning Afro Soul musician and poet, born and raised in Accra, Ghana and currently based in Hamilton. His second album, Giants, will be released in September 2017.

Here’s what Kojo had to say about “Almost Made It”:

I love using literary devices such as allegories, different rhyme schemes and rhythm etc. in my songwriting to delve into social and political commentary that are difficult for people to engage in. As a Ghanaian we were always taught that art should always have something to say, it must make a point, it must be transformational.

This song explores the idea of creating a just society where love, hope and justice are the basis of interacting with each other. The song ends with a bridge that stresses the idea of transforming ourselves after we have gone through struggle. And by going through a struggle, we become change agents, thus creating a world that does not focus on “searching for material wealth.”

“Almost Made it” by ttwwrrss, moon:and:6, and Kojo “Easy” Damptey is available now on: