James Wyatt Crosby - Pray On It

New Release: “Pray On It” by James Wyatt Crosby

Today we’re excited to released the latest single from James Wyatt Crosby, a multi-genre musician, producer, and recording artist from Southern Ontario. “Pray On It” is a modern-day experimental dance hymn:

“Pray On It” is the second single off of Crosby’s upcoming album Twins. “I wrote the original demo a few years ago, when I was in a bit of a creative lull and I was working in this long term care facility in my hometown,” explains Crosby. “It was pretty intense because these elderly people were dying in front of me almost every day. It was a strange period for me, but it made me take stock of what I was doing. It made me get my shit together and start being creative again.”

The song originally evolved from a sample of an old piece of medieval choral music. “The sampled track was in Italian, but to me, the sample sounded like the words ‘Pray On It’ so the lyrics in the verses came from that. As far as the lyrics go, I think it was me basically talking to myself and trying to pump myself up and give myself an empowering message,” explains Crosby.

“Throughout the recording process we were using Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt’s Oblique Strategies cards which was fun and actually surprisingly helpful. One of the cards we pulled early on was ‘Don’t be frightened of clichés’ which gave us the confidence to mix in some some stereotypical dance track elements that we might not have otherwise used.”

“Pray On It” by James Wyatt Crosby is available now on: