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“Eventide” by Hamilton, Canada-based composer and multi-instrumentalist SØLYS (Michael Chambers) is an introspective, minimalist piano piece. The piano is supported by a chimey atmospheric electric guitar, a rich atmosphere of ambient field recordings and a deep bass synth. The perfect backdrop for studying or deep concentration.

The summer of 2020 was unlike any other, and reminders of the global pandemic are still everywhere. Most people I see out and about are wearing face masks, and there are signs everywhere reminding us to stay at least 2m (or 6 ft) apart from others. Music has been my escape from these stressful times, and “Eventide” is my latest address to the effects of the pandemic. It’s a soft and simple piece that I hope will bring you a sense of peace and hope for the near future. –Michael Chambers (aka SØLYS)

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