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Maybe It’s Time Again

“Maybe It’s Time Again” begins simply; haunting vocals over a muted acoustic guitar. Once the Motown-esque drum pick up and Black-Keys-inspired bass drop in, we’re on a rolling journey of deeply introspective lyrics supported by a steadfast rhythm section. Punctuated by an unapologetic Brit-Pop era guitar solo, reminiscent of England’s Northwest, the song ends with a fitting bookend, a familiar sound that leaves the listener right back where we started.

Lyrically, “Maybe It’s Time Again” explores the “Young Us” versus “Old Us” battle that can often rage inside those past a certain age. Too often our younger self blames our current self for our aspirations in younger life having never come true. This recollection and deep fear of further failure can keep us from trying any longer. It causes one to settle.

The beginning of the song is the “current self” urging Old Kid forward, to not give up this time, in spite of his younger self insisting it’s too late; you were supposed to have made it by now, stop embarrassing yourself. In the chorus, “baby” is meant, not in the traditional pop-song sense of a love interest, but rather the old kid admonishing the younger for behaving like a child; you had no idea what challenges life throws at us. After the first chorus, the next round of verse is a negotiation, and an admission of guilt from the current self. The bridge and solo act as a compromise: the old kid’s reflective sensibility in the soft acoustic beginning, gives way to the young kid and the straight-ahead guitar solo he’s always wanted to play.

Finally, the outro, repeating “maybe it’s time again,” in two different voices, becomes the fusing of the two: the spirit of the young, finally paired with the wisdom of the old agreeing that if they can learn to like themselves again, maybe it’s time for one more try.

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