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“distant” by Hamilton, Canada-based producer and multi-instrumentalist [zoethecat] is a laid-back, chillhop-inspired track based around a chill beat and some jazzy guitar chords juxtaposed against 8-bit synth sounds. The entire track sits on top of a backdrop of birdsongs recorded in northern Ontario. Intended to evoke feelings of freedom and relaxation, it’s a perfect backdrop for chilling, studying, or just relaxing.

“distant” isn’t really about being far away in the negative sense. When the pandemic began, it seemed that doing things alone was the safest thing to do. I often daydreamed about taking a walk in the woods, but the whole time I was still tethered to my friends and family by my phone. The 8 bit bleepy, bloopy bit is like the text that brings me back to reality on one of my many excursions in my mind. I hope this song takes you somewhere too. –Michael aka [zoethecat]

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