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last tuesday

“last tuesday” by Hamilton, Canada-based producer and multi-instrumentalist [zoethecat] is a mesmerizing lofi track that effortlessly captures the essence of calm. A soothing mellow guitar melody gently dances atop a chill, relaxing beat, creating a serene soundscape that embraces the senses. The sounds of lakeside waves adds a touch of natural serenity to the mix. The perfect perfect soundtrack for reading, studying or quiet introspection.

“last tuesday” was built from a song sketch I had called “tuesday idea”, simply because I wrote it on a Tuesday and I was probably pretty tired at the time. When I came across this track the following week it was just 4 chords and a beat, but I liked the vibe. I added the guitar and a few other goodies, and then I had “last tuesday idea”… but that didn’t work, so I just left it as “last tuesday”. Anyway, through the interplay of the guitar, the beat, the chords and the waves, I wanted to create the perfect soundtrack for study or introspection. I hope you enjoy. –michael aka [zoethecat]

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